January Reiki Circle 2014

The winter solstice blesses us

Take some time to set an intention. Think of it as sowing a seed at a dark and inhospitable time of year.

Your seed needs darkness and sometimes cold in order to germinate, so have faith that while you are battling through the wind and rain to go to work or do the shopping, something hidden and mysterious is happening in your inner life.

Keep a careful eye out for a tiny shoot. You will need to look regularly because one day the soil will still be bare, but the next, you may see a tiny speck of green.

Once that speck has appeared  take every opportunity to water it and spend time with it. As you continue to focus and think about it, many shoots may begin to appear even though you originally showed only one seed.

The magic of the winter solstice has done its work and a spring and summer full of flowers lies ahead.

Some people think that winter is a dead time when nothing grows, but that’s because they only look at the surface of things. We here today know different!