Therapeutic Foot massage

Reflexology is a gentle, relaxing, therapeutic, precise foot massage. Points on the feet (and hands) correspond to every part of the body. These are stimulated by pressure, sending an unconscious impulse to the body’s glands and organs. It can improve the blood flow and natural energies around the body. It is a simple, effective natural way to overcome and support many illnesses and ailments and thus improving health. It can also help to prevent illness and be a positive way to maintain good health.

When appropriate, advanced techniques, such as precision linking, cranio- sacral reflexology and meridian understanding can be incorporated within the Reflexology treatment.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient therapy and is known to have been practiced in India and China some 5000 years ago. The Chinese developed Acupressure and the origins of which lie in the knowledge of the reflex zones and the relationship between them.

Dr.William Fitzgerald born in 1872 and regarded as the founder of Zone Therapy investigated the possibility of treating organs with pressure points He realized its potential and embarked on research in America and found that parts of the body within a certain zone are linked to one another by the energy flow within that zone. As a consequence they can affect one another. This is the basis of modern Reflexology.

How it works

Reflexology is a holistic healing technique which treats the body as a whole.

It promotes healing and relaxation. There are areas on the feet – and also in the hands – which correspond to every part of the body. When these are stimulated by pressure they send an unconscious impulse to the organ or gland which is connected by an invisible energy pathway.
The overall effect is to balance the working of all the organs, and so enabling the systems of the body to work more efficiently.

Reflexology has a beneficial effect, in particular, on the circulation, nervous and immune systems and helps to rid the body of toxins.

It is a powerful antidote to stress and nervous tension. When the body is relaxed healing can occur.

The aim of Reflexology is to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers and help the normal function of the organs to produce harmony in body, mind and spirit.

Reflexology can be used in ill health to treat a wide range of disorders: It can help to prevent illness and can be a positive way to maintain good health and well being. It strengthens the whole of the body systems. Reflexology can be used in conjunction with many other therapies to complement each other.

The treatment

At the initial appointment a full medical history will be taken and any health problems discussed. Subsequently appointments will be usually at weekly intervals and last approximately 60 minutes. The number of treatments will vary from person to person and several sessions may be needed. Once there is improvement the frequency can be reduced and a level found to help maintain health and well being.

When appropriate I incorporate into the traditional treatment, more advanced techniques. These include Craniosacral Reflexology work, Meridian understanding and Precision Linking.