Reiki Circle



It is an energy transfer technique with numerous benefits and is based on enhancing and balancing energy centres ( plus associated organs and emotions). The aim is to bring harmony to the mindd, body and spirit which results in healing and balancing.

Reiki is deeply relaxing. Complete relaxation will reduce stress hormones and increase levels of other chemicals which initiate a feeling of calm. Reduces cortisol (part of our fight and flight response) and increasing the production of dopamine, melatonin and serotonin.



Cortisol is raised in the presence of stress. It makes you feel alert, affects sleep patterns (low in evening and high in the morning). It raises BP too and affects immune responses. In the short term these actions are helpful but not long term eg chronic raised BP.

Reiki will increase the calming chemicals, reducing stress and in particular cortisol levels—– hence you benefit so much from that state  of relaxation and meditation.