“As you eat, so you are”

Nutrition is more than simply the food we put into our mouth.

What we eat can affect how we feel and how we age.

A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and food can influence and effect a variety of common ailments.

Your diet should be a balance of nutrients to support and maintain your everyday needs.

There are no magical guidelines for good nutrition. A diet should not only supply the basic needs of the body but reduce the risks of disease and fortify the body’s defences and mechanisms of healing.

Eating the right foods can have a powerful effect on so many health problems. General health will improve, bringing more energy, a stronger immune system to strengthen our body’s defences and a delay in the rate our body ages.

Nutrition is a mechanism of healing and can bring a feeling of increased well-being and self esteem.

Advise can be given on how to achieve a healthy eating plan and this can be incorporated into the general Reflexology/Reiki treatment when appropriate.